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George G. Zimmerman



Mr. Zimmerman commenced his career in reinsurance in 1969 as an intermediary, working for Guy Carpenter & Company in the Life, Accident, and Aviation department. Simultaneously, he was in their executive training program, which term ran for one year. In 1973 he joined the firm of Pritchard& Baird in Morristown, New Jersey as an Assistant Vice President and commenced their Life, Accident,& Health department. In January of 1975 he was made a Vice President of his department. Mr. Zimmerman was responsible for the development of new business, maintaining existing accounts, and the hiring of support staff. Upon the break up of Pritchard & Baird in 1976 Mr. Zimmerman worked as a Vice President of Paul Napolitan Inc.,a reinsurance Intermediary owned by AIG. In 1978, Mr. Zimmerman was offered the challenge of constructing an Accident & Health underwriting syndicate for the Emmet & Chandler Group assigned to their reinsurance brokerage firm, PRI,Inc.,in Parsippany, New Jersey. Seven months into the planned twelve month project, Mr. Zimmerman successfully completed the new facility, comprised of ten "A" rated Life Insurance Companies which was titled (PARG), Pinehurst Accident Reinsurance Group. PARG had the capacity to write up to $300,000 per individual and up to $ 3 million of aggregate capacity.

In November of 1980, Mr. Zimmerman founded Zimmerman / Green, a reinsurance intermediary located in Morristown, New Jersey. John R.D.Green, was Chairman of the company, along with his responsibilities as Chairman of the prestigious Lloyds of London brokerage firm, Blackwall, Green. Mr. Zimmerman guided the company to revenues that increased between 22% to 35% per year during the first twelve years. During 1983, Mr. Zimmerman orchestrated the purchase of an off shore captive Insurance Company, U.S. CAP, Ltd. From E.Benjamin Nelson, who was then appointed by President Jimmy Carter to head up the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and who is now a United States Senator (D) from Nebraska.

Also in 1983, Mr. Zimmerman constructed an underwriting syndicate comprised of five "A" rated Insurance companies to underwrite all forms of Accident & Heath Reinsurance. During the first five years of operation, he was the President and Chief Underwriter of this facility. Upon moving this company to Hartford, Connecticut, he hired an underwriting staff, and returned to the solicitation and management of the Zimmerman Reinsurance Group. By 1990, the combined revenue of all three companies totaled $8.9 million. The average balance in all fiduciary accounts exceeded $ 400 million. In addition to his staff of 55 employees, he also contracted the services of two Actuarial firms, an Insurance auditing Company, Internal CPA Auditing Firm, and the legal council of Riker, Danzig, Scheerer, Hyland, & Perretti, LLP.

Mr. Zimmerman has experience in soliciting and placing all forms of reinsurance covers including niche lines of business as Livestock, Bloodstock, Satellite, Aviation, Non-Performance, Financial Guaranty, Kidnap & Ransom, and most recently Terrorism Coverage.

Mr. Zimmerman also purchased the rights to REBUS, a software platform used by reinsures, and intermediaries. It was installed in 1986, and altered for the specific needs of the companies in his group.

Mr. Zimmerman attended Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Saint Peters College for undergraduate studies, and received a Reinsurance certificate from the College of Insurance in 1971. In addition Mr. Zimmerman has held the following licenses: Life & Health (New Jersey 1970), Reinsurance Intermediary (New York 1978 - 2001), Mediation (American Arbitration Association 1993). Mr. Zimmerman has served as a Mediator and Arbitrator in Insurance & Reinsurance disputes, and as an expert witness. He has also written industry articles that were published in Global Reinsurance International Magazine, and the Businessmen's Monitor. He has also guest lectured at the College of Insurance, Mid Western Home Office Underwriters Annual Meeting, and the BMA's Bi-Annual corporate meetings in the Cayman Islands, and Scottsdale Arizona.

Mr. Zimmerman is a certified arbitrator and member of ARIAS, a society for insurance and reinsurance arbitrators and umpires, and ReArb, an arbitration association. In addition, Mr. Zimmerman is certified by the American Arbitration Association for mediations.

He also wrote a fictional business novel that was published by Rutledge Books titled The Class of "88". In May of 2002 he released a CD that he wrote titled, "Patriots Day Anthem." In August 2004 Mr. Zimmerman wrote and published an educational and entertaining children's book titled, "Dougie and the Dane".

He was inducted in "Whose Who In Business" in 1994.

Mr. Zimmerman has served on the Board of several companies both insurance / reinsurance and non-insurance related companies.


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