Our “Cinematic Trailers” are Videos (optional with voice-over) which provide a combination of video clips (and still photos).

Voice-over narration

Voice-over narration in addition to our Video-Tours can be another dimension to how a potential buyer identifies with what could be their future home.

DK Consulting Group, Inc. is catering to your individual needs with custom voice overs to market your properties online. The agent would provide us a feature sheet of the property and we write the script for you (1 page). Our professional team is adding and synchronizing the video with the professional voice-over. Your clients will be really impressed as they view the video tour while listening to a colorful narrative. The benefits speak for themselves.

Rental Property Videos

Use Rental Property Videos to show your clients that Florida is paradise!

Agent Property Videos

Use Agent Property Videos to Stand Out from the Crowd!

In 2005, YouTube was launched and changed Internet real estate marketing. More than 2 billion videos are served on YouTube daily with 200 million videos being delivered to hand-held devices. With access to information on the Internet via smart phones and tablet PC’s along with the speed information is delivered to users, online videos are becoming vastly more popular for business applications.

Online video offers endless opportunities regardless of the approach agents use for their property tours. Marketing communication using video property tours can produce powerful property presentations for agents.

Features of web-distributed videos

A more personal approach to explaining your company’s personality
A compelling way to market properties
A means to differentiate yourself from your competition
Access to buyers that do not use traditional internet search resources
A way to reach buyers globally
A way to provide persuasive content about local areas and communities
A way of generating traffic to your website, regardless if your website can be found in search results or not
With social media sites like Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter and You Tube evolving into enormous sources of search traffic, using video to expose your properties to that market is a great way to increase your online exposure. DK Consulting Group can help you with video production, script writing, and delivery of the finished product to the social networks where buyers are waiting to learn more about you, your company and your featured properties. The cost is a lot less than you think! Call us today for more information on how to use this exciting and compelling way to reach new customers and clients.

These Video Slideshows are viewable on iPhones, iPads, Phone 7 & Android Smartphones




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