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This page has a goal: to help calm last minute anxieties.


In Advance

  • Send notifications of address changes so your lives continue to run smoothly:
  • The Post Office will need a forwarding address.
  • Charge accounts and credit cards need to be changed.
  • Subscription companies prefer several weeks of lead time.
  • Friends and relatives would like your new address.
  • Transfer bank funds and establish new checking accounts.
  • Auto, theft, liability, health, homeowner’s Insurance Policies have to have the new address.
  • Arrangements should be made with the Utility Companies for the new home: electricity, water, gas, telephone, cable. Close previous accounts and get deposit refunds.
  • Notify home delivery people: paper boy, dry cleaner, and other services.
  • Get copies of records: school, medical, xrays, dental, eyeglasses for the family and medical records for your pets.
  • Clean rugs before wrapping them to move.
  • Ask your movers about insurance coverage, shipping papers, methods and time of arrival and payment.
  • Defrost refrigerator and freezer.
  • Plan for special needs of infants, pets, the infirm.


The Big Day

  • Empty home safes and hiding places.
  • Double check closets, drawers and shelves.
  • Carry jewelry, documents and money or travelers checks.
  • Leave all keys for the new owners with your Realtor or attorney.
  • Request someone close to be your liason on the move and to accept messages.



Audrey & Jill Singer Wishes You a Happy, Safe Move and Joy in Your New Abode.

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